About Us

The Forbes Family's Love of Wine
In his time, Malcolm Forbes was one of America's most important wine lovers and collectors. He had a passion for wine's most rare treasures long before collecting them became as fashionable as the practice is today. And as much as Malcolm understood the interest and excitement of uncorking a rare wine, he was drawn to the nuance and enjoyment of pairing a coveted Bordeaux, for example, with something so simple and delightful as a cheeseburger.

Such a ritual epitomizes the Forbes partnership with Tasting Room today. You don't need to spend the sort of money Malcolm did on growing his collection to thousands of bottles to experience the same level of excitement, enjoyment and passion for wine that he did. You only need to learn a little about your personal likes and dislikes, just as Malcolm did when he had his first taste of California wines that he opened alongside his weeknight dinners in the 1950s. His passion for wine grew in ways few of us can dream of, but Malcolm also knew that wine is a journey, not a destination — and finding aromas and flavors you love is the most enriching experience of all.

About the Forbes Wine Club
The new Forbes Wine Club by Tasting Room is the world's first personalized wine club focused on you — your tastes, your preferences. Our patent-pending personalization technology makes it easy to:

  • Learn what type of wine drinker you are
  • Explore your wine preferences
  • Get curated wine that's perfect for your palate

The Forbes Wine Club by Tasting Room eliminates the time-consuming guesswork, uncertainty and confusion of shopping for wine. You start with an innovative Wine Sampler Kit that contains six expertly selected wines from around the world, packaged in small, taste-test size (50ml) bottles. Just follow the simple instructions included in the kit, and a few minutes later you'll learn all about the types of wine that suit your tastes. Soon after, you'll receive the wines that match your preferences.

The WinePrintTM Personalization Technology
Forbeswineclub.com features a simple, step-by-step rating system custom-designed to capture the nuances of your wine likes and dislikes. Once you've rated your wine samplers, our patent-pending WinePrintTM technology processes your ratings and applies a precise algorithm to generate your Wine Profile — a detailed but easy-to-understand explanation of the types of wine that match your profile and are perfect for your palate. Every three months, we provide stress-free automatic delivery of a heavily discounted wine shipment that our WinePrintTM technology compiles for you based on your profile — no store to drive to, phone calls to make or forms to submit.

Keep rating the wines as you drink them, and our WinePrintTM technology will continue refining its selections to ensure you get only the wines you love. You'll always enjoy substantial savings by paying a flat rate for each wine shipment — no hidden fees. You get the right wine, every time, for one low price, for as long as you like. It's wine buying simplified, personalized and perfected.

Our Wine Sampler Technology
We use a one-of-a-kind, patented system designed solely for the purpose of transferring wine directly from standard 750ml bottles into our mini bottles. Because the wine is transferred in an oxygen-free environment, we're able to ensure the highest quality. Because the wine is never exposed to air in the transfer process, you can rest assured that the wines in the sample-size bottles taste exactly as they would from standard 750ml bottles. Any other company that offers sample-size bottles cannot guarantee the freshness or quality that our system provides.