How It Works

Forbes Wine Club by Tasting Room starts your personalized wine experience with an exclusive Wine Tasting Kit that enables you to taste a variety of fine wines in six sample-size 50ml bottles.

  • You rate the wine samplers on our site, where you'll find a short video that takes you through our fun and easy rating process.
  • Our WinePrintTM technology processes your ratings and produces your personal Wine Profile, which explains in plain English the type of wine that's right for you.
  • WinePrintTM selects full-size (750ml) bottles based on your ratings; the more feedback you give WinePrintTM, the more closely it matches your wine shipments to your preferences.
  • You receive substantial savings on every case (12 bottles) of wine, automatically tailored to your tastes and delivered to your door every 3 months.

Forbes Wine Club by Tasting Room is steadfast in its commitment to match you with the perfect wines. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that if any bottles does not suit your preferences, we'll replace it or credit you for it.